Thursday, March 6, 2008

Better than free haircuts, even! [Twins 8-O's 7]

The more I see/hear of Matt Macri, the happier I am with the Ramon Ortiz salary-dumping trade last season. We totally won that trade. He is WAY better than the big-inning ulcers and matching team crew cuts we got out of Ramon last season.

As for Livan Hernandez....I know it's early, but my reaction to today's game was "Oh god. He IS just like Carlos Silva...but cheaper." That's.....comforting.

How weird was it to play against Chris Heintz? I'm really sick today, so I was sort of flitting in and out of fevered insanity while listening to the game. This just made the whole Chris Heintz thing that much more disorientating.

Delmon Young should probably have a B.O.D. award for his performance today...but I'm giving it to Matt for his clutch game-winning RBI instead. Delmon will get plenty of opportunities to win official regular season awards, whereas Matt has to make the most out of his pre-season glory.

Thank you Matt. I really like it when we win.

I feel like I should have more to say, but I'm just not feeling bloggy at the moment. Actually, now that I'm typing it, "bloggy" seems like EXACTLY how I'm feeling. But not in a good way. I'm sure I'll have much MUCH more to talk about tomorrow when Fransisco Liriano pitches his first game in like 6 years. While simultaneously curing cancer and fixing that whole economic recession thing single-handedly. Everybody's gonna be hanging on your every wind-up kid, but no pressure.

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L said...

I also found the whole 'Playing-Chris-Heintz' thing weird. Oh well.