Friday, March 7, 2008

Another productive day. [Twins 11-Other Guys 2]

Split squads today. Wins all around. Liriano threw 40 pitches and didn't break. It was all fantastic. I listened to the Boston game live, then listened to bits and pieces of the archived audio from the Toronto game on the computer. It was a lot of baseball. Which is good.

Two wins=two boyfriends. My partner in blogging would kill me if Justin Morneau wasn't a winner for his 2 run homer. And the other one goes to Glen Perkins for bouncing back today. Good job boys!

I thought I'd have a lot of exciting things to say today, but all my creativity was tapped when Howard Sinker commissioned the blogosphere for Twins haiku. It kept me busy. Even busier when they asked for Spanish ones too. I just can't say no to Japanese poetry written in Spanish, about America's passtime. It's multi-national.

So yeah, it was a really productive day for me. I even made a pie chart to prove it.

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