Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the award for weirdest journalistic segue goes to....

Joe C. for THIS Strib story.

I was following it....Brendan Harris sucks at defense but is good at offense.....Nick Punto sucks at offense but is good at defense....blah blah blah. Then out of no where:

"In politics, Harris said, he leans "heavily to the right."

Gardenhire leans toward defense when picking middle infielders, so Harris will spend the spring showing what he can do."




I don't get it. There is no other mention of politics anywhere. Believe me. I re-read the article three times assuming I had missed something.

It created all sorts of comment-drama. I'm going to keep an eye on those comments tomorrow. I just know that someone is going to say something about someone else's momma, and all hell is going to break loose. Could be entertaining.


k-bro said...

I read that article in the paper this morning (I still have an intense fondness for reading the news in paper form), and thought the same thing. Way to throw something out there and leave us hanging about it.


Katie said...

It was really strange. No one else I've asked about it understands what's going on either. It has nothing to do with anything...except potentially Brendan Harris's Adorableness Quotient.

I like to keep my baseball and my politics separate because I feel so strongly about both.

L said...

...WTF is right.