Friday, February 29, 2008 least I got cake today. [Twins 3-BoSox 8]

I was torn tonight as to whether I was going to listen to the game as announced by the good guys...or watch the game on but have to endure the Boston broadcasters. In the end, my desire to SEE baseball players won out over the satisfying sense of accomplishment I feel when I decipher Dan Gladden's play-by-play. After hearing the Boston announcers say "it sure is a different looking Twins team this year" for the 8th time, I considered switching, but didn't. I kept wishing that Casey Affleck was calling the game instead.

Let's just skip the bad news and jump right to the Bullet Point Happy List.

(I get the distinct impression that I'm going to be relying on bullet points to make me happy a LOT this season. Just a heads up.)

  • Boof did GREAT and was not in any way responsible for any of the 8 runs scored against us. I KNOW...weird, right?! He was super cute, and in his uniform he does not resemble my big brother Jason as much. He clearly takes his responsibilities as my primary baseball boyfriend seriously, and did his best to make me happy on my birthday. Thank you Boof. You done good.
  • Brian Buscher. I KNEW I loved him for a reason. The first homerun of the year. I will continue to cheer loudly for him at every given opportunity.
  • Yesterday I said that I'd feel better about losing if we had scored more than one run. So today we scored more than one run. And I do feel a little better. I would feel even better than that if we could win. It would be so awesome.
  • You could just tell that Coco Crisp's game was a big F.U. to Ellsbury for stealing his thunder. I imagined him saying "trade THIS, bitches!" a lot. It made the game more fun for me.
  • I had really good birthday cake while I watched the game. Cake makes everything better.


L said...

I agree. With everything said in this post.

Katie said...

I feel bad for get stuck with the Boston announcers all the time! How do you do it?!