Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It could only be funnier if they were Twins...

In case anybody hasn't already seen this....I thought I'd post the video of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick getting punk'd by his teammate. The look on Kyle's face is priceless. As a team, we need to have more (televised) fun like that.

In other non-Twins entertainment news, how funny are the pictures of Jose Guillen in a wig at the Royals spring training?

Actually, how funny is it that Jose Guillen plays for the Royals now, in general? He is such a crazy S.O.B. And we're going to see him all the time now. I am more than a little excited about that prospect.


L said...

"You got traded for a hot dog eater!"


Becca said...

That was so freaking funny!
aka Twins Sisters