Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hey pervs.

I felt like posting something, because another bout of crappy weather has canceled my plans and I'm bored.

But there's not a lot going on baseball-wise.

So, I thought I'd post my favorite amusing (at least to me) and pervy keyword searches that have brought folks to this blog.

  • riding cows with girls
  • twin screws; girls
  • girls baseball sex
Obviously someone out there is WAY more bored than I am.

Someone else was looking for a Joe Mauer Chia Pet, which isn't really perverted (I hope...) but is amusing nonetheless. Let me know if you find one. Sounds neat. I have a Mr. T one.


L said...

I think a chia pet should be his next big thing... I think he'd be the first MLB player to be endorsed by Chia.

He'd probably boost their sales...

Katie said...

Chia Joe Mauer sideburns would fly off the shelves of Minnesota Targets.

L said...

I'd have to get one sent out here to Boston... it would grow here in Red Sox Nation out of pure spite.