Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Boof-Day to Me!

It's officially my birthday. Birthdays kind of suck, in my experience, so maybe it's a good thing I only have to really deal with mine every four years.

But, in honor of my birthday no doubt, my favorite baseball boyfriend Boof Bonser gets to pitch the Hammond Stadium home opener today. A really impressive outing from the new and improved Skinny Boof would be a fantastic birthday present, I think. A win would be nice too, so the other boys are going to have to pitch in with some runs.

I'll prematurely call the score 4-2 Twins.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Happy Boof-Day Sarah! See you in about a month! (Meant in a non-stalker way!)


L said...

Aw, Happy Boof-Day! That's a pretty sweet present. I bet they planned it all for you. I'm hoping Skinny Boof blows my mind and delivers a nice V for you.

Nick N. said...

Happy birthday!

Karleeee said...

Happy Birthday love!
And lets hope boofers gets us a sexy lil win.

Oh go to my page, you might see something that will make you smile (my latest post)

It gave me warm fuzzies.
You will only get them if your evil like me. Bwa ha ha haaaa.

Katie said...

Thanks y'all. It was a good birthday, even if we did lose. Bummer.