Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't cry for me, Cincinnati. [Twins 1-Reds 6]

It's just the first game.

It's just the first game.

It doesn't even count for anything.

This is what I keep telling myself so that I don't feel so bad.

But who am I kidding, I still feel bad. Mostly because all we could muster was one lousy run, even with the Reds making approximately 38 errors. It just felt so much like.....last season. One run. If we had lost 6-3 even, I wouldn't feel quite as bad.'s just the first game. I'll try to focus on the positives, and use bullet points to cheer myself up (I LOVE bullet points):
  • All the veteran-ish batters got a hit...Mauer, Cuddyer, Monroe, Kubel and Lamb. Good job boys! Show those youngsters how to be Good At Baseball!
  • Julio DePaula pitched, and there were no major catastrophes.
  • The hardware store commercial with Ron and Carol Gardenhire ran a bazillion times. Which makes the Bullet Point Happy List because Gardy says "Bathroom Caulk" and that is pretty much just the funniest thing ever and I laughed harder each and every time I heard it.
  • Matt Guerrier was perfection. Duh.
  • It was hard to tell just from the Twins Radio Network audio broadcast...but something about the play-by-play made me assume that Matt Macri looked especially hot today. Just a hunch, but it goes in the list anyway.
  • I love LOVE Ryan Freel. Which has nothing at all to do with the Twins. But he makes me happy anyway. He makes Punto-like amazing plays a lot, when he isn't broken. He has an imaginary friend. He's completely crazy, and I love that. I kind of wish he was a Twin.
OK. There. I feel a little better now. Whew.

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L said...

I keep telling myself it's the first game... in Spring Training, no less. It's still lame though.

And I love Shaggy. I'm so glad he's still kickin' ass. Not that I had any doubts, of course.