Friday, February 22, 2008

Anyone want in?

Anyone reading this want to form a fantasy baseball league with me? I usually field a couple teams casually. (Translation: I kind of suck due to emotional attachments to certain players, but by gosh I have fun doing it). I thought it might be fun to have a league (I'm thinking Yahoo) with some of you guys. Call me biased, but I think that folks in this particular corner of the blogosphere just happen to be the awesomest. Let's obsess about baseball together, shall we?

If you're interested, comment here or send me an email to flamingo.jones [at] gmail [dot] com. (Fill in the blanks with the appropriate symbols, of course.) Don't be'll be fun.


Karleeee said...

want in


k-bro said...

Will this be one of those free fantasy leagues? If so, I'll join in for fun. I'll send you a follow-up email.


Katie said...

Yeah. I love things that are free.

I'm thinking bragging rights and a possible Twins goodie bag or other treats to the winner.

Welcome aboard guys!

L said...

Aw! I totally would, but yesterday I got roped into playing with some guys at school. All I can say is that if they get Johan I'm going to be so mad-- they're Mets fans. They can't have them in real life AND in fantasy...