Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Silver Lining in the Santana Saga

Dragging the inevitable Santana trade out forever might be wreaking havoc on the nervous systems of us Twins fans....

But take heart. There is something positive that we can be thankful for.

The lengthy and so-far fruitless trade talks for Santana are making life harder for Kyle Lohse.

That makes me smile.

Here's the quote from Kyle, talking about his process of landing a contract somewhere as a free agent:
“We’re closing in, but nothing is real imminent right now. We’re getting close, but it’s a long process because of the way the market has been this year, I think it’s been drawn out a little more with all the Santana trade talk, and Bedard, and all these guys, it’s slowed down the process a little bit.”
More quotes from the XM radio interview are here.

So, now I kind of want the talks to drag out even longer. As long as possible. I like the idea of Lohse twisting in the wind, waiting to be some team's fourth or fifth choice.


DC Social Critic said...

The Santana saga shows everything that is wrong with baseball. The Twins have great management, but cannot keep up with the absurd salary demands of most players. It seems as if only the Angels, Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets have the budget to buy any player they want to have. Looking at those teams, three made the playoffs this year, and one just missed them. How can the small market teams compete.

Katie said...

It does sort of seem like most major league teams are just a farm system for those four, yeah. It sucks.

DC Social Critic said...

The worst part is that my Phillies are a large market team, but plays fair and actually follows a budget.

Katie said...

I work with a guy who played with the Phillies. Small world.

And you guys gave us Nick Punto. So we're definitely on friendly terms. Good to know ya.

DC Social Critic said...

Nick was a really good player. I can't even remember what we got for him at this point.

BTW... How do I add your blog as a favorite?

Katie said...

The Phillies got Erik Milton from us in that trade.

If you have an RSS reader you can click the little RSS button on the top right of the page to add the feed. Or just old fashioned bookmark us, I guess.

DC Social Critic said...

Ah yes... Possibly one of our worst trades.