Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I will think about it LATER.

I'm still nauseous from the news of the Santana trade, so I don't really want to talk about it right now. I will write something tomorrow. I actually think it might be time for another Story Time, so stay tuned.

But until then, I thought I would post my list of favorite moments from Twinsfest Weekend.

  • We renamed the Photo Line the "Make a Twin Hold You For a Minute" Line, and utilized it accordingly. Getting to snuggle up close to Boof, Joe Nathan, Matt Guerrier, Garrett Jones, etc. is totally worth the short wait in line.
  • Likewise, the $5 autograph line frequently became the "Force Carmen Cali to Pay Attention to You for a Small Fee" line. (As opposed to when Carmen tries really hard to ignore us when we yell his name Marco Polo style at the games.)
  • Both of Those Girls separately, and LITERALLY, ran into Ron Gardenhire at different times. Casey touched his belly apologetically, while I accidentally exclaimed "Ooh! Papa Gardy!"....which is our own little nickname for him, but not one that I had intended to share with the man himself. Out Loud. Oops. He gave me roughly the same look that Scott Baker gave me once when I asked him to sign a Build-a-Bear. The look that says "Where is the person that's supposed to be in charge of you?! Do they know that you're missing?!"
  • Boof told Casey that they are "fighting now."
  • I came thisclose to chasing after a little prepubescent puke with a Joe Mauer batting title giveaway bat when he tried to steal my Twins Grab Bags.
  • I took a solemn oath not to say any mean things about Jesse Crain ever again. He's just TOO nice. I can't do it. Seriously. Honestly, I think I might make it my new mission in life to increase the self-esteem of middle relievers.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a number of humorous incidents. We really should not be allowed to be that close to baseball players ever. We tend to be ridiculous.

It's not baseball season quite yet, so it's too early to be picking Boyfriends of the Day....but I do have some Twinsfest Awards to hand out, just to keep the boys happy til Spring.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Casual-wear Ensemble:

Carmen Cali

Best Hair:

Boof Bonser

Twin who Follows Our Directions/Demands the Best:
Matt Guerrier

Mr. Congeniality
Jesse Crain

Twin Most Likely to Make Me Not Dislike Delmon Young:
Michael Cuddyer

Best Smelling Twin:
Joe Nathan. Hands Down.

Francisco Liriano wins the booby prize award for Twin Most Likely to Screw Up Our Elaborate and Well Thought Out Plans.

So, congratulations to the boys who picked up coveted Those Girls Twinsfest Awards this year. And better luck next year to those who missed out this time. May you all be awesome at baseball this season. (Please. PLEASE be awesome at baseball.)

Tune in tomorrow night for a new Twins Bedtime Story. I promise.


Jeff said...

Great pictures, looks like you guys caused a lot of trouble!

Dusty said...

Joe Nathan is a fine looking baseball playa isn't he? ;)

Its nice to find females that love baseball as much as I do.

I am a Padres fan..so its an love-hate relationship ;p