Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's here!

Apparently they've finally gotten all of that GOP Convention home-game nonsense taken care of and we have a shiny new 2008 Tentative Schedule!

Thank god.

It looks good. I'm happy. I have something to look forward to beyond TwinsFest now.

My favorite parts:

  • March 31 Home Opener vs. LAA. The earlier the better, I say.
  • Not so much of a Cleveland/K.C. juggernaut this time. Whew.
  • We're playing in Denver for interleague. I want to go. I hope to go. What a kick ass road trip.
  • Not one, but TWO home series with the Yanks. Double the boo-ing!
  • End of the Season homestand with Chicago and K.C.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Real life sucks I want my baseball back

The season ended in a not so good light and now Lew is gone along with Matthew LeCroy and the hopes of resigning Torii Hunter are fading fast but on the up side, Jesse Crain is back in business.
There are no tales of ribaldry. The trip was kind of a bust. Those Girls are not meant to have pleasant trips. We get it now and we are sorry we tried to “make” happy fun times. The happy fun times come when we look back at what a disaster any of our vacations turn out to be. Except that time we went to California.
We know it’s not technically the off-season yet seeing as how it’s still the playoffs and everything but we miss our boys and watching games that we are emotionally invested in and the Dome, and the Cotton Candy Milkshake Man.