Sunday, December 2, 2007

This ain't a scene.

So, Jacoby Ellsbury is on the table too.

NOW we're talking.

I like a Ellsbury Minus Lester Plus Anyone-x2 package from the Red Sox more than I like a Hughes Plus Melky Plus Anyone package from the Yankees, actually.

Not that my opinion is based on anything at all substantial or quantifiable....

Here's my list of reasons to trade for Ellsbury:

1. Not being a Yankee, I don't have quite the built up aversion to him to overcome. Sorry, but it would/will take me a good long while to come to grips with having to cheer FOR Melky Cabrera.

2. His name is Jacoby. Which is fun to say.

3. He is pretty.

Very, very pretty. (to be fair....Phil Hughes isn't NOT pretty....but that leads me to my next point......)

4. Ellsbury is a bit older. I'd love to say that this is important because he's more proven, experienced, etc...(which may or may not be relevant) but mostly it's just because I feel less pervy thinking about how pretty he is if he's been able to legally imbibe alcohol for at least a year or two.

And thus, my hope for Jacoby.

(It really IS fun to say! Try it!)


Jeff said...

"Jacoby, my good man, it's absolutely smashing to see you! How are your begonias coming in? Excellent! ... well, toodle pip and all that!"

You're right, this is fun!

Katie said...

Yes! See, you get it.

I like you.

and begonias.

Karleeee said...

id be glad if we got him.
I've always enjoyed him.
Kinda like how I enjoy you.