Saturday, December 1, 2007

Preemptive Baseball Blogging

Potentially being snowed in at work all weekend, I'm just going to blog my thoughts on this now, premature though they may be.

I hate the thought of losing Johan.

I know logically, it's our best option in the long run. If they aren't willing to pay him, at least get something for him.

I still hate the thought of being Santana-less though. It breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart even more, and makes me nauseous, thinking about him in those goddamn Yankee pin-stripes. Blech. (Not that the Red Sox are much better.)

But there has been a lovely little bright spot in this for me.

It cheers me up to know that the Twins have the Yankees' proverbial balls in a vice grip with this situation. It makes me giggle.

"Oh, you don't want to give us Phil Hughes? Guess what? No deal without Phil Hughes."

And then just an added little twist of those proverbial balls.

"Give us what you want, or we give him to Boston. Oh hate them, don't you?"

I love it.

And now with Hughes officially on the table, everyone seems to agree that the deal is imminent.
I'm going to miss you Johan. My mother will too. She thinks you're one of the cutest boys in the world. (Along with David Boreanaz, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kevin Slowey.) And you're good at baseball. Please don't become evil, ok?

Adios, mi amigo. No me gustan Los Yankees, pero siempre te quiero.


twinssisters said...

Hello ladies!
I really like your blog. I only came across it a few days ago when I was in my "I can't believe they traded Jason Bartlett" funk. I'm pissed about that and Johan leaving, too. The thought of him playing with the Yankees or the Red Sox just about makes me want to throw up. :-(
Keep it up!

Karleeee said...

The offseason is like a soap opera.
But better.

ps: I missed reading your awesomeness.

Katie said...

We should all be like the Spice Girls, but with baseball. And no dancing.

Anonymous said...

your mother has excellent taste