Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hungry for baseball

I suppose that no news is good news.

I hate to sound disappointed that we still have Santana. I'm NOT. I love Santana. LOVE him.

But I, along with 99% of the rest of Twins Territory, got all geared up for some huge trade.

and.....nothing. It was just sort of a let-down. Especially since I spent every night of the Winter Meetings sitting up into the wee hours of the morning hitting "refresh" on What a waste.

I'm totally ok with keeping him though, if that's what we're going to do. I'd prefer to keep him under the circumstance of Pohlad having a Grinchy heart-growing change in perspective and re-signing him....but whatever. If we get an extra year of Santana, that's good too.

Those Girls are getting together tomorrow to make strategic plans for TwinsFest, which is a mere 48 days away. These plans are bound to include re-examining our list of priorities for autographs (if Santana stays with us AND is at TwinsFest, can you imagine what THAT line is going to look like?! I will need to go through Boof and Brian Buscher's lines at LEAST three times, I think) and trying to decide which metro area hotel to risk ax murder at this time. The planning process will also include beer I think. That is a very important component. As I very wisely, and drunkenly, stated once: "Mmm. Beer makes me hungry for baseball!"


sarah* said...

ah! I am so nervous about Santana also. Everymorning I am hesitant about opening the sports section and having it say: SANTANA TRADED.
I hope he stays! (and Natin too!)

Roxy said...

have you run your line-standee-rental-person ad yet?

Katie said...

Not yet. I'm waiting til the schedule is posted so I know if there actually ARE a lot of conflicting autograph times.