Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey now.

If Miguel Tejada can command a FIVE-player price tag, I think Johan Santana should net us enough players to field a team by themselves.

Quit low-balling us, y'all.


JWatson said...

Miggy T does not have a no trade clause, and isn't asking for >$20 mil/yr to waive it. Bedides, really besides Luke Scott, the Orioles got a lot of fluff...just take the Phil Hughes trade! It's the best out there!

Katie said...

Unfortunately, the Twins organization has yet to call Those Girls to run things by them. If they did, there probably would have been a deal made by now. Maybe not the Hughes deal. But something.

Is Hughes back on the menu? I seriously stopped paying attention to the Santana rumors at all because it's all talk, to action. Not that it matters; it's just like missing a week of a soap opera. Nothing's really changed.....

But I figure one day soon, I'll wake up and see Santana's gone. Then I'll deal with it.