Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Open Letter to Jason Bartlett

Dear Jason,

Those Girls are really, really going to miss you. You have left your mark on our baseball-y lives, that's for sure.

I, personally, am never able to eat at Chipotle without at least once thinking to myself (and sometimes saying out loud) that it is your favorite restaurant.

And you're the only reason I don't smash radios when I hear "Party Like a Rockstar." Because, if Jason Bartlett likes can't be ALL bad.

Mostly we will miss you because you embody two of our very favorite qualities in a person. You are adorable AND you are good at baseball. You've earned yourself some Boyfriend of the Day awards with your awesome baseball prowess. And though you will no longer be eligible for that award based on the technicality that you are no longer a Twin, please know that you will always be an Honorary Boyfriend in our hearts.

Please tell Matt Garza that we will miss him too. He makes me think of green bikinis and excessive expectoration....which I guess is good too. And he's good at baseball. *sigh*

Bye boys :(

Those Girls

Edit: Here's a youtube slideshow to celebrate this particular Jason. Gosh....he's just so.....pretty. In a manly masculine way.


Anonymous said...

I'm really going to miss him too. I agree. He's good at baseball and easy on the eyes. How could anyone not like that? This trade was really a shock to my system.

Katie said...

I think all of us Bartlett-lovin' ladies should make a pact to go to at least one of the DRay games and cheer loudly for him.

For old times sake.

twinssisters said...

Women all over Twins Territory are mourning the trade of Jason Bartlett to the Devil Rays. I was so upset when I read the news.