Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's here!

Apparently they've finally gotten all of that GOP Convention home-game nonsense taken care of and we have a shiny new 2008 Tentative Schedule!

Thank god.

It looks good. I'm happy. I have something to look forward to beyond TwinsFest now.

My favorite parts:

  • March 31 Home Opener vs. LAA. The earlier the better, I say.
  • Not so much of a Cleveland/K.C. juggernaut this time. Whew.
  • We're playing in Denver for interleague. I want to go. I hope to go. What a kick ass road trip.
  • Not one, but TWO home series with the Yanks. Double the boo-ing!
  • End of the Season homestand with Chicago and K.C.

1 comment:

Karleeee said...

yeah I saw that last night.
I was like EEEEEEEEEE.

Im excited for the home opener <3
And yes..more the yanks the merrier I say. And I'm going with you to Denver. Sorry. I'm going to hide in your gas tank with sparkle ninja. I shat you not.