Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wanted: One New Scapegoat.

I was a little sad to hear about Terry Ryan stepping down as GM. This is mostly because for the past several months I have gotten used to blaming pretty much everything that goes wrong in my life on good ol' TR.
The players look lackluster on the field, and we lose.....again? I blame Terry Ryan and that Castillo for Nada trade.

Traffic jam? Flooding? Obviously Terry Ryan's fault.

A bunch of quarters jammed in the Diet Coke machine at work? "Goddamn you Terry Ryan! How do you DO it?!"
So now what? I need a new scapegoat.

AND I have to learn a new GM's M.O. now. I think we all had TR figured out by now ("Yay young pitchers! Boo spending money on bats!"). So here's hoping Bill Smith has been practicing at being awesome and doesn't make me sad.


Karleeee said...

I always blame Nick Punto.
But then I feel bad and say I'm sorry......


Katie said...

Yeah, "Blame Nick Punto" is a pretty popular game these days....

Karleeee said...

Indeed it is.

We should make a blog about the bad things that happen. Then blame him and explain why it's his fault.


He should love us, really.
I play nice. I support the Punto wagon..fulleffecttt bia.

So I start with this.
It's Nick's fault that I have horrible cramps. Because..uhm....stress makes it worse? And he stresses me out?

I tried.