Friday, September 7, 2007

Playing for Pride?

Now that the end of the season is all but scripted out, here come all of the depressing interviews about the inevitability of a play-offs-less season.

You have Torii Hunter wishing Cleveland well and hoping "they bring it home to the Central." about NO. Maybe if we hadn't been wishing Cleveland well all friggin' season long, WE could be bringing it home to the Central. Personally, I hope the Cleveland Indians catch our Suck (I suspect it is an airborne illness lurking in the recycled Dome air) and are then completely and utterly humiliated. I also hope someone makes them all bleed. And someone hits Grady Sizemore in the face. And someone eats C.C. Sabathia (Roger Clemens looks like he might be that hungry....). And maybe Fausto Carmona and Alexi Casilla do some sort of weird Freaky Friday body switch thing. Karma is a bitch, Cleveland. Watch out.

And you have Michael Cuddyer explaining that if/when they are mathematically eliminated (it's pretty cute that he said "if") they will continue to play for pride, because they are all prideful guys.
-Oh. ......Kay. I mean, I'm GLAD that they have pride and all...but where has it been? Because we have kind of been baseball's bitch for most of the season here. Personally, I'd prefer it if they went out and played because gosh darn it, they just love to play baseball! Or maybe because they are making a helluva lot of cash to do so. Or maybe, just maybe, because we keep showing up and cheering and clapping for them.

Those Girls were just talking about the fact that there seemed to be a lot less fun this season. And maybe that is just because of the constant losing. But at some point you have to face that chicken or egg question. This year there was no nose-tapping, cute nicknames, or otherwise entertaining, encouraging and fan-pleasing camaraderie. There WAS some aesthetically unpleasing, but very fun, head-shaving, which, (ta-da!) led to at least a little bit of winning.

So, here's hoping that in the waning hours of the season, the Boys can find the fun again. We never lost it, so if y'all need help finding it, we'd be more than happy to discuss it over some Cotton Candy Milkshakes. Have your people call our people.


Tricia said...

I too hope that Cleveland inhales all our suck germs. I am harboring an especially big grudge against Travis Hafner, the big ogre. Bleah!

Casey said...

We have people? When did we get people? Why haven't I met said people? Oh. It's us isn't it. You and Me. We are our people.

Katie said...

yes, we don't have keepers. Yet.

I still pick out my OWN clothes.