Sunday, August 5, 2007

What a weekend. Whew. [Twins > Indians]

We are taking personal credit for both yesterday and today's victories. Mostly today's, as all of our typical good-luck omens were in play (seeing another VW beetle on the way to the game, seeing ponies, seeing SEVERAL pregnant Twins fans, the fact that Scott Baker pitches like a god every time we are personally present, and our newest good-luck charm, downing Cotton Candy milkshakes pre-game). However, yesterday we did use the "drop drop drop drop drop!" chant to make the ball drop in play.

Also the good-luck rubbed off on me too, as I got to see Boof before the game

AND I won free tickets playing putt-putt golf. I am SO frickin' good at putt-putt, it's ridiculous.

It has been a productive weekend for Those Girls.

Without a laptop, we were pretty removed from civilization for the past two days, so I thought it was weird that the "Lewwww Ford Fan Club" banner wasn't there at the Dome today, and made mention of that.....only to later realize that it was because Lewwww Ford HIMSELF wasn't there at the Dome. I also am very glad to realize that Carmen Cali WAS there, because I swore I saw him playing catch with Tyner between innings and didn't say anything because I thought I might be going crazy. Well, craziER, anyway.


Karleeee said...

Do I spy Garza in the background?

*fan girl squeal*

Katie said...

Yeah, it was Boof and Garza signing for the kiddies.

We saw this HUGE line of people on our way to the Milkshake Man, and I was like "Why are these people in line?...Should *I* be in line?!" and then later someone said "Boof and Garza are signing." And then we got the milkshakes and ran up to the tent to ogle.

I could ogle forever. I might have some sort of disorder.

Karleeee said...

oogling is a disorder I think.
I do that during warm-ups.
I even tilt my head like a puppy thinking if I tilt I could magicly see something.

Ok so those cotton candy milkshakes sound effing amazing.
Fo realz.

We must go to a game. Serious.


sounds fantastic to me.

Katie said...

I am fully convinced that the Milkshakes have magical qualities. Plus, they are delicious.
And the Milkshake Man is really nice to us.

If you drink it, they will win.

This weekend we sat next to elderly couples both days. Which was fine...because they don't bother us...but it made our usual pre-game "let's talk about how good everyone looks doing their oddly erotic stretching routines" ritual very uncomfortable. I have a feeling your pre-game head-tilting routine is very similar :)