Monday, August 20, 2007

Twins Notes: Sky is blue, Bill Gates is very rich. [Twins 4-Seattle 9]

I particularly love the latest "Twins Note" from the official team site.

Twins notes: Offense struggling

Thank goodness for the breaking news flash. Otherwise I might not have noticed. Whew.

The good [sort of] news is that the boys scored more runs in tonight's loss than in the entire series against the Rangers. That's.........progress.

Sort of.

Well, the other good [for me] news is that I had three Twins in my fantasy line-up tonight, and they happen to be the very same three Twins who were responsible for all 4 RBI. Pats on the backs to Cuddy, Redmond and Morneau for doing great for me tonight. Even though I took Johjima out of the line-up in order not to split loyalty and then he had 3 RBI and 2 runs. I'm not upset. Bro's before Ho's, or something like that.

And a great catch from Nick Punto to top things off.

They are all trying to be awesome. They clearly want to be fantastic for us. It's just really hard sometimes.

Maybe Garza should join the new Starting Pitchers Spinning Class.


Karleeee said...

so i remember you saying this:

"But if you feel too bad about it, you should just do a "mind movie" of him going to bat with "Whip It" on the loudspeakers. It makes me feel happy every time."

I don't have to do a mind movie.
I'm still on a lollercoaster.

Casey said...

They play it a lot since it's his walk-up music.

Karleeee said...

Are you sure because the games I went to they played Rooney, And this other song.

I've never heard it on the speakers.

Show how much I go to games eh?
Poor little twins fan :(

Katie said...

Yeah, I think it started a couple months ago. It's been his walk-up music for every game we've gone to when he's in the line-up. It might not be every game though. Maybe no one notices one ever seems as delighted and entertained by Nick Punto coming up to bat to "Whip It" as we are. It's weird.

Karleeee said...

I prolly have heard it but I'm too busy drinking and mumbling random things being paranoid I'm going to get hit with a foul ball.
And thinking "is this netting REALLY protecting me? Seriously. It's a fast ball hitting a net. Thats like a car running into a cement barricade. It might stop it. It might not"

It's bad that I always think that. Haha.
But yes. It made me smile. And what didn't make me smile last night is the players on seattle trying to play human bowling with Nick. :| assjacks.

Katie said...

Jose Guillen has always been a prick. I was so not surprised by that move. LIVID, but not surprised.