Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Question of the Day

Who is C.C. Sabathia going to try to kill/eat tonight?

My guess is Brian Buscher, if he's in the line-up. He looks tasty, plus he hits homeruns now. He's got to be on the C.C. radar.


Casey said...

The answer is. . . Jason Bartlett and Rondel White.

I HATE C.C. Sabathia and Cleveland! That's right the whole city. Hate 'em.

Karleeee said...

from the looks of it he ate the whole team.
and they call boofie a big boy.

yikes on bikes.

Katie said...

I hate Cleveland too. HATE.

If I'll ever be kicked out of the Dome for throwing things at the opposing team, it will be Wednesday.

I'm so goddamned sick of Cleveland.