Sunday, August 12, 2007

Prediction time.

Those Girls were just having a private off-the-record correspondence about the depressing state of baseball-y affairs, and I made this prediction for tomorrow:

I think there are two likely scenarios for tomorrow.


A) Boof is going to ride up to the mound on a white horse (or pony, if you will), and save the day with a brilliant performance....feeling the overwhelming psychic need to make me happy and prove himself worthy of my ongoing love and devotion. If he nails Izturis in the nuts, that is just bonus points.


B) Boof is going to pitch like post-May Boof, [i.e. pretty good...quality, even, but not quite good enough to keep up with the rest of the team's lack of offensive prowess] and we are going to be swept by the Angels.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for Plan A.


Karleeee said...

I'm just in utter shock.
I realized.
If Mauer didn't have that error....

We would of been tied,
and POSSIBLY would of won.

And if castilla decided how to catch a ball...we would of won.

I just. I..I...

I never thought I could speak those words.
Really, ever.


And thanks punto for crushing my hopes and dreams for you.

Katie said...

We can totally blame Joe Mauer. He makes loads of money and everyone worships him, so he can take it easier than the others.

Let's put last night on Joe. I am so OK with that.

We never cheer as hard for Mauer as everybody else does, anyway. We think it will help keep his ego in check. Whereas sometimes it seems like we are the only people in the Dome cheering for some players (Mike Redmond, Brian Buscher, Jason Bartlett, etc).

Today will be better!


Karleeee said...

It's not better.
at all, lol.

I cheer for Bartlett, Punto, Cuddyer, and Redmond.

Then when I'm drunk when Joe is up I squeal out "OMI GOSH SO CUTE" then I laugh....yep.

Katie said...

No....decidedly NOT better. I'm sorry.