Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh ye of little faith....[Twins 2-Texas 1]

Last night is the reason I refused to jump on that increasingly large Anti-Nick Punto Bandwagon. I KNEW Little Nicky Punto would come through for us eventually. He is magical and we love him, and we don't care what anyone else says. Everyone needs to stop drinking the Hater-ade. Seriously.

I have not been happier this season than I was last night watching Nick fly into 3rd. Until he then touched home and Joe Mauer picked him up in triumph, that is. Then THAT was the happiest I've been all season. I am so glad we were at the game last night.

Although, it WAS really distracting to be like 5 feet away from Joe Nathan throwing heat in the 'pen. My internal dialogue went something like this: "Ooh look! Joe Nathan!.....NO! There is a game going on over there. Must. Watch. It..........Ooh look! Joe Nathan!....." etc. etc.

Judging by the number of female fans in the vicinity that also kept turning their heads back and forth between the game and the 'pen, I'm guessing I was not the only one waging that particular battle in my head.

Carlos Silva pitched great again, but couldn't get the win. I feel bad for him. I think he pitches better with high socks. Good call, Carlos.

Mike Redmond DH'd, which was awesome because we got to scream loudly for him, baffling all of the other fans around us. We will always scream loudly for Redmond. It's our thing.

And we were greatly entertained throughout the game by randomly yelling "Car-men!" [you have to say it like you say "Mar-co" when you're playing Marco Polo] at Carmen Cali every time we saw him. I like Carmen.

The magic of the Cotton Candy milkshakes still holds. "If you drink it, they will win." I was really big on PREACHING about the Power of the Milkshake to random strangers last night too. But that could have been the Hubert's pre-game vodka ritual talking.

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Karleeee said...

Awesome sign girlies <3

That game was just. Oh jeez. Happy pants.