Monday, August 27, 2007

Memo to Twins:

Cleveland is not that good.

Seriously. I swear that they are not. Trust me.

You can do it. Get over your Cleveland complex, please.


Top of the 5th:
I join the game, we're down 0-7. Ouch. Seven.

But wait..... There's a little life left in us......Thank you Mike Redmond, Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel. Way to go. 2-7.

Top of the 6th:
Jason Bartlett, you are a god. Solo homer: 3-7. C'mon guys, let's DO this thing!
Hmm. Followed by two straight outs. Not much of a rally, but there's still plenty of baseball tonight if the pitching holds up and the bats don't go cold. I am keeping the faith.

Bottom of the 6th:
The boys bail Julio out of some trouble with a sweet double play. When we're still down by 4 it's not quite enough to inspire the Happy Dance....but it's close.

Top of the 7th:
I have have gotten up to find a baseball cap to wear all rally-like, all the while mumbling things like "goddamned cleveland..." and "F&#! Grady Sizemore...."

Just like that Cuddy doubles. Then Jason Kubel walks...

I start warming up and stretching for the Happy Dance.....

And then there's a pitching change and Mike Redmond gets into a triple play. Now I feel a little bit like throwing up.

Bottom of the 7th:
Helloooo Matty. Guerrier, that is.

I really hate Kenny Lofton. And I only like sac flies when they are OURS. hmph. 3-8.

Top of the 8th:
I make an emergency trip to the grocery for cat litter because my cat doesn't like the new litter she got today. I am further side-tracked when my stop at the ATM results in me receiving three $5 bills from 2003 that are still brand new and have consecutive serial numbers. This is the monetary equivalent of "something shiny" and I spend several minutes examining them.
I return when it's the....

Top of the 9th
and Jason Kubel is the 3rd out. 3-8. I can only assume that I didn't really miss much.

Well, crap.

I would again like to repeat that Cleveland is really, really not as good as they appear to be when we happen to be playing them. I have every hope that this realization will also come to the players sometime between now and tomorrow, and they will do something amazing with the rest of this series.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

What a painful game. Silva was very disappointing, again.

Katie said...

Well, last year no one could call me a Silva fan, that's for sure. but he's had great stuff this season. I'll forgive him for an off night here and there. We can't win 'em all, no matter how much I would like that....