Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am running out of things to yell in frustration. [Twins 2- LAA 6]

I don't think there's even really anything to say about this particular series. I'm damn glad it's over with.

You know what?

Unconditional love is a bitch.

I'd like to be mad at someone, but instead I just feel like handing out hugs.

Mauer took some fielding practice at 1B. What?! Just the thought of this made me a little dizzy and throw-uppy. That just seems......weird. Not that he wouldn't make a fine first/third-baseman/outfielder/catcher/designated-hitter......but I don't handle change well. Let's keep this to a minimum.


Karleeee said...

I'd love to see it.
Just once.

I'd giggle my ass off.
And they showed Morneau in catching gear.

I lost it.
It was pretty cute seeing mauer fielding balls and such.

Morneau plays every day. I Mean sheesh the boy needs a break from time to time.

ESP now since he's been kinda.
Can I put this nicely?
He's been sucking. HARD.

Casey said...

I'm gonna need you to NOT say mean things about Justin. No matter if they are true or not.