Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hallelujah. [Twins 11-K.C. 4]

THAT's better.

I was at a local semi-pro ballgame tonight for work, so I kept up on the Twins score on my cellphone. I frequently cheered at inappropriate times, and screamed/squealed the score a couple times. At one point I also yelled "Let's go Chicago!" REALLY loudly. If I was a little more normal, I'd probably be embarrassed.

Looks like the middle of the rotation exorcised their demons and woke up the bats.

It feels good to win. More please.

Also, I love the White Sox tonight. I kind of want to make out with A.J. right now.

Is that wrong? [Don't answer that.]


Karleeee said...

It's very wrong.
But I had the same feeling.


Ok so the past couple mosts I made on my blog.

if you read them.
I just..I want to warn you ahead of time.

Im an awkward girl if you haven't noticed by now, hahahaha.

Karleeee said...

ps: check out the ichiro little..thing i wrote.

i laughed.
then i realized im kinda awkward.

ps: your pic is uber funny/cute.

Katie said...

To be perfectly honest, I ALWAYS kind of want to make out with A.J....but it's more socially acceptable to admit to it publicly when the Sox destroy a more threatening opponent.

Casey said...

It is never wrong! I want to make out with A.J. all the time. You are not alone.

Karleeee said...

I'd rather make out with Doug Mientkiewicz....Or Nick Punto.



Casey said...

Given the choice between A.J. and Doug, I will always pick Doug. I have a thing for guys who play First Base.

Katie said...

Since this is all speculation in my deranged mind anyway....I refuse to believe that I have to choose between A.J. OR Doug.

Both please.