Monday, August 6, 2007

Grrr. [Twins 0-Indians 4]

Those Girls were just saying yesterday that we've gotten our personal winning streak back in order.....whenever we go to the games, we win them. Which is awesome, for us. It's WAY more fun to go to games when we win. Unfortunately, as any good super hero will tell you, with such great power comes great responsibility....

And I really dropped the ball this time.

I feel like I should personally apologize to the team.

Dear Twins Players and Coaches,

I am sorry. I was not at the game know what happened.

I made the situation even worse, because I COULD have been at the game. I won the AM1500 putt-putt game yesterday, and when the boy asked if I wanted tickets for tonight, or for the 17th....I said the 17th. I was tired from the weekend, and I dreaded the thought of driving back to Minneapolis again today, and dealing with traffic, and I'm getting poorer by the second. But I was selfish, and wrong. I regret it all now. I would take it back if I could. If I could make like Cher and turn back time, I would happily shout "I'll take tickets for tomorrow!" and I would gleefully shell out $50 to fill my gas tank and I would not complain when I was stuck in traffic for eons. Alas, what's done is done. It won't happen again. You're going on the road now, and not being independently wealthy, I cannot follow. But mark my words, I WILL be there on August 17th. By GOD I will be there. I will make it up to all of you. Maybe I will bring you my magical chocolate chip cookies, if you're really lucky.

Apologetically yours,
Katie XOXO
Gosh, it's been a craptastic evening all around. Losing wouldn't feel QUITE as bad if we could just get on the board. ONE run would have been nice. ONE.


Karleeee said...

I'm not sad we won.
I was happy to hear "amazing play by punto!1111oneee" from dick.

and castillo.
he makes me smile.

even though we didnt win.
kubel was on base.
punto was.
and uh..other people but i was drunk.
and i still am
i bet not.

every game i go to, we win.
I think it's weird.
We ALL need to go to a game together.
they will win.
But we have to watch then practice, and one of you scream punto (my friend did it last time and he was staring at me when he was standing by cuddya and tyner and i smacked her and he just kept on glacning over..then i met him after the game by accident..lulz..and hes like OH like "" and I guess he remember me (and my tits) watching them warm up lulzzzzzzzz) this doesnt work.
just go to the url. (ok it doesnt work..go to the URL)
its blurry kinda
b/c i was shaking and i took it when they were chatting and my friend looked at it and shes like "o.m.g..hes looking in the cam!1111one" and im like uh..uh..uh..uh..uh.. yeah hahaha.. *shoots myself in the face*

Karleeee said...

its sad we didnt win..lulz..i need to spell check before posting.. a douche.

Karleeee said...

hahahah cuddya...HAHAHAHA..ok im done trying to correct my spelling.

I'm drunk.
And when i misspell things. ITS HILLARIOUS.

cuddya. oh..oh cute.

Katie said...

Nick Punto did have a great game. He deserved it too. Everyone picks on him :(

Karleeee said...

yes..they do pick onhim lots.

and I looked that I wrote "castillo" too....

My drunken mind goes off in awkward places, haha.