Thursday, August 9, 2007

Don't worry. I have a plan. [Twins 0-K.C. 1]

Maybe we could start spreading those runs out a little.

Like yesterday, for example. We got eleven runs, but we only really NEEDED the five runs to win.

So, perhaps we could start conserving the extras to use on another day. Like today, when an extra two runs would really help.

Sheesh, that would still leave us four whole runs for tomorrow!

I am a genius.

Seriously though, this was rough. I'm getting emotional whiplash. Happy! No, Sad! Happy again! Very Sad!

Now we're heading West, and I'm gonna need more Happys than Sads. OK, boys? You can do that for me, right? Goal-setting is always a helpful exercise. Maybe we can set a group goal of getting at least one run every game, so that our pitchers don't have to pitch a shut-out every game in order to even have a chance at winning. I think that's a good goal. Let's work on that. Good talk. Go team!


Casey said...

You are a genius!
I can't take the emotional whiplash, it's not nice. geez.

Karleeee said...

Emotional rollercoaster from hell.


I need to be held :(
And I'm a naughty bird.
I lashed out all my emotional twins stress on punto. But I feel bad for it, new blog explains it :|

I'm still thinking they need a-a groups for emotional women who like the twins.

Don't even come near me when its my time of the month, and the twins are losing. People would probably lose limbs.

Katie said...

They DO have a support group for us.

It's called "The Bar."

The twins definitely need to make some changes if you're forced to say bad things about LNP. I'm sure he'll bounce back from it though. he's resilient. and flexible.