Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Baseball Gods... [Twins 3-Seattle 4]

I'm not sure what I have done to anger you, but whatever it is, I am truly sorry.

Have I not been a good and faithful baseball servant?

I never leave games early. I never get there late. I never compromise my loyalty. I stand up and sing during EVERY 7th inning stretch (even when I don't feel like it), I wear my rally cap when necessary with zero thought given to how completely ridiculous I look. And most of all, when things are bad, I don't give up on the team (Hey, remember the mid-late 90's? I DO).

So...um....is this a test? Am I the Job of Baseball fandom? If I am, I can take it. Hell, bring on some locusts and boils and Yankees. I'll handle whatever you throw at me, and I'll STILL randomly find myself singing the "We're Gonna Win Twins" song in my car sometimes. If those frickin' Red Sox fans can go almost 90 years, I can too.

We may lose, repeatedly and painfully, but I'm never gonna break. So, just knock it off, OK?


Karleeee said...

you know we have locusts this year.

I heard dick say "theres locusts in minnesota, and jason tyner got a home run. It's the end of the world! *laughs*"

Bert didn't say anything.
Because Dick is attempting to be funny, and when he does that. Bert get's mad because HE KNOWS thats HIS JOB.

SO these locusts...I tell ya.
I think it's b/c of them.
They make annoying noises, and it's making the guys not think straight. Laying in bed at night screaming at the top of their lungs "STOP IT!"

Or if Lew still played with us:
"GUYS...IM FIGHTING MY LEVEL 27 dwarf with my boom stick with times two power boost!. PLZ BE QUIET."

Katie said...

SOMETHING is making the boys not think straight, that's for sure.

I'm totally willing to go with "Locusts."

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Man, the "fans" sitting around me in my office are dropping like flies. I am about to start using the term "Bandwagon" on them.

Katie said...

Oh yeah. These are the times when you can really easily tell the real fans from the people who bought a cap last season.

Karleeee said...

Silly bandwagon-ers.
Yeah I'm enraged.
But I still love them <3

Even though I want to smack up some bitches.

Casey said...

I am all about the "Free Hugs for Baseball Players" It's the best idea, um, ever! I love us.