Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boyfriends and Broomsticks

Sorry for the poorly constructed allusion there, but I played a high-stakes game of "Disney Scene It!" today, and it's still on the brain.

Jason Bartlett. Two triples in ONE game? THIS season?!


That boy must have enjoyed his day in the blog boyfriend sunshine so much that he just had to have another.

Playing a significant role in securing the team's first four game sweep is definitely worthy of some more lovin'. So for that, Jason Bartlett, you have joined the ranks of Torii Hunter and Michael Cuddyer as a "Back-to-Back Boyfriend." Which actually sounds a lot dirtier than it is. (Like "Punto.")


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Barty is on fire! It is a two-fold celebration...1.) He’s playing well and 2.) More chance to see the cutie being spotlighted.

Katie said...

Yes. He definitely deserves more spotlight, that's for sure!

And Jeter thinks HE's the hottest shortstop. Puh-leeease.