Monday, August 6, 2007

The Boyfriend of The Day for August 5th

If not for three VERY obnoxious fans, sitting behind us it would have been a perfect day. Those Girls made every effort to secure the win, and we had to do most of the work on our own. Cotton candy milkshakes, ponies, a Boof sighting, lucky underwear and a soul crushing need to let Terry Ryan know that we ARE still in this brings you The Boyfriend of The Day, Scotty Baker who pitched an eight-inning shutout. I would like a thank you note, or a gift basket, OR a pony!


Katie said...

Yeah, if anyone was watching the game on TV and heard some guy yelling "Tom!" at Grady Sizemore and "Your time is coming!" to Kenny Lofton, they were sitting RIGHT behind us (and not because that's where their tickets put them....ahem). I'm sure it was mildly amusing to people whose eardrums were NOT damaged by the volume (and the "tom" thing did make Grady visibly twitchy). But they also made fun of Jason Tyner and said nasty comments about Jason Bartlett, AND Jason Kubel* even though he had an awesome game. Maybe they just hate anyone named Jason. And they just randomly threw their garbage around. They sucked.

*I know, I know....I have lived in that particular glass house and shouldn't throw stones. But Jason K. has been doing super good lately and I've curbed my habit.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Holy cow! How did I not know of your hilarious baseball blog before now? No matter, I will read from this moment on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
To quote a slightly altered Spice Girls slogan "Baseball Girl Power!"


Katie said...

We're pretty new. It's an awesome way to amuse ourselves regularly :)

Karleeee said...

OH goodness.
Where I sit, this guy is right by the mic. front row. right behind the catcher.

And He was yelling and such and I'm like SHHHH super loud.
He turns around.
And i'm like "yes your trying to make the pitcher and catcher go insane. But don't you realize your making the hitter super pissed off?"

And he just looked away, and then..did it again. He was obviously drunk.

And I have these boys behind me whenever Punto comes up they scream his name at the top of their lungs. It makes me warm in the heart.

And yeah, YAY for new twins blogs.
those girls.
omgmntwins. (mine ;))
and baseball_lipgloss <3

We will take over the world.
With our awesomeness.

Katie said...

World domination HAS always been on my to-do list....