Monday, August 6, 2007

Boyfriend of The Day for August 4th

Blue uniforms and cotton candy milkshake magic brings us another B.O.D. It could and probably should go to the bullpen but when a player dives back into a base and doesn’t get back up and NO ONE seems to care but Those Girls and a few trainers I feel that, that player deserves a little credit. We thought Jason Bartlett was dead. He laid there not moving for what seemed like an eternity then when he sat up we saw that he was bleeding all over the place. He let the trainer put some goop on his cuts and stayed in the game. That is hardcore and makes Jason Bartlett The Boyfriend of The Day.


Katie said...

I WAS pretty worried that Jason Bartlett might be dead. He was pretty immobile.

Karleeee said...

I was watching it on tv.
And he was laying there and the guys is like "I think he's hurt"
Then went to commerical.

I just screamed out "REALLY!"
Then I had a small panic attack.
And when they came back from commerical he looked like he got attacked by a dog.

He still looked hot.
Thus: B.O.D