Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boofriend of The Day

Well it’s about time.
It was a chase for B.O.D. They all want it so bad. I thought Cuddy was going to get a hat-trick but then Kubel popped up to say “Hey, don’t forget about me” then I had to think about LNP who was doing great things and there is also Jason Bartlett to consider if not for his performance tonight then just for the fact that I have missed him. However, I really feel that the man I picked is the most deserving. I thought that poor boy would never get another win under his belt. Boof has waited patiently, for weeks, to be The Boyfriend of The Day and so he is.
Boof pitch good.


Karleeee said...

this game made me smile.

Katie said...

Whew. I am so glad you picked Boof. If you hadn't, I might've cried. No pressure, though.

Karleeee said...


I'd pick boof.
But yet the break out awesomeness of punto was quite great.


Casey said...

Boof got the win so how could I not choose him for The Boyfriend of The Day. It had nothing to do with the fact that I knew you where having a bad day and that Boof winning the B.O.D. on top of the game would make you happy. Nothing at all.

Katie said...

Well, it's good that you can remain objective :)