Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And that's that.

Barry Bonds finally got it over with and broke the HR record. I was watching the game at work, but left for home in the 4th inning, and blessedly missed seeing the shot itself. I KNEW it would happen tonight though. I mean, when the Nationals are launching balls out of the park, it's got to be a good night for HRs.

I'm not a fan of Bonds, so I'm not exactly thrilled with this development, personally. But there are both good and bad things about the deed being done:

Good Thing: Barry hit it at home, so Steven A. Smith can finally stop singing the tired "If Barry breaks the record away, it will ruin the entire sport of baseball forever" song. I have seriously heard him say this at least 5 different times in less than 2 weeks.
Bad Thing: With this out of the way, Steven A. will have more time to devote to preaching about the Michael Vick soap opera.

Good Thing: ESPN2 can go back to showing other programming besides Giants games.
Bad Thing: I won't be able to watch Noah Lowry as much anymore. I DO love him.

Good Thing: Most analysts agree that this record won't mean much, simply because it isn't likely to stand very long.
Bad Thing: This tempts me to cheer for A-Rod when he hits homeruns, and then I feel dirty.

I'm mostly just glad it's over.

Hank Aaron, you will always be the Home Run King in my book.


Casey said...

I'm glad it's over. I was getting sick of looking at Barry Bonds.

Katie said...

God yes. His head takes up the whole frickin' screen.