Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It was this, or 1,000 words. [Twins 5-KC 3]

Interesting [to ME] note: the family that made this sign, and sat a couple rows in front of us tonight, is the very same family that sat in front of us at the Friday night game in Milwaukee. It was a nice little reunion. I wish we would randomly run in to some of the other cool Twins fans we have met during various baseball-y adventures.....

In other news, we didn't make any more trades. Which pretty much means we gave away Luis Castillo for some magic beans. And Terry Ryan made himself sound pretty bad, in my opinion:

"Over the course of time, we're going to have to stretch together a pretty good winning streak to get back in this thing," Ryan said. "We've got two complete months left. But we're so inconsistent leading up to this point that it's dangerous to think that we're going to put that stretch together unless we get more consistent.

"Now, do we have the personnel in house? We're hoping that some players start to step up to some degree, and we're hoping to get [Michael] Cuddyer back at some point at 100 percent. When it's all said and done, we've got a heck of a lot of work cut out for us to get back in this thing beyond the 6 1/2 or 7 games, because Detroit and Cleveland are good."

And yet, just since he said that today, we won tonight, and Detroit and Cleveland lost. So, we've moved up to 6 games out in the Division race and 5 games for the Wild Card. Go figure.

Well, we haven't given up on this season, and we're the ones shelling out $ for tickets. And from the looks of things, the team isn't ready to give up either. So, if and when things turn out fantastically, I hope Ryan doesn't plan on taking any of that credit himself. Yes, the team does have a lot of hard work ahead, and unfortunately, Ryan really just made it harder.


Karleeee said...

we need to go to a game sometime together.

But concidering the horrible event that happend today.
There won't be a game tomorrow.
And they concidering not playing the Indians series.


Katie said...

We have tickets for Saturday and Sunday too......

It was supposed to be like this big weekend thing. Grrrr.

But yes, we definitely need to go to a game together. Oh, the trouble we could get into...

Karleeee said...

where are your seats located?
I might crawl over to the dome.
But it blows because it's always a last minute thing when I go because my friends don't know how to plan. And half of them don't care and I'm screaming obnoxtious things all by myself while everyone around me, and my friend stare at me.

Katie said...

My partner in crime has the tickets. I think both days are upper club this weekend. I forget which section though. We will let you know. The more enthusiastic Twins girls, the better.

Fingers crossed that they play the games.

Casey said...

Section 227 on Saturday and section 224 on Sunday. That's if they play.

Katie said...

Looks like the games are a go. We'll get Garza and Baker instead of Baker and Silva.

Karleeee said...

mmm. we won today.
hope you girlies had a blast-a-thon.

Katie said...

Indeed we did!